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Where do you go when fear grabs hold?

Do you remember turning fifteen?



Maddie Ruth Bennett is thrown into a whole new world as she enters this new season. Faced with new opportunities, she is equally faced with new challenges. Anxiety blindsides her in the dark alley of chaos. Facing her fears leads her to the One who offers a shield of faith. When trauma turns her neatly planned life upside down, will she boldly trust and step into her destiny? Or, will she allow fear to define her?


Her dad, David Bennett, is drawn out of retirement to solve a new national threat. Duty over family has been a long-standing battle in the Bennett household, and David is the only one who understands that a threat to his country is a threat to his family. One that he must defeat.


Who will Maddie and David trust in the darkness? Will they find the light that shines when the truth is revealed?

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