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Beautiful Skies and Geese in Flight

So I have found a new way to share devotion and worship. Well, probably not a new way but new to me. . . .

Over the last 20 years I have found that cardio is the best way to stay in good health. I may not be thin, but I can walk 3 miles without too much effort at 40 years old and for that I am thankful :)

I have been in quandary over my time management, how to do everything? Work out, have devotion, work, be a small group leader, go to Bible Study, etc . . . Something seemed to have to go, right?

So my decision was the work out. I've had issues with meds anyway which have me taking a sabbatical. But unfortunately my body will not agree to that, so I prayed about it and God asked "Why do you have to do away with this? You can do both . . . "

"Do both? How can I do both? That would look silly, me talking to God and doing arm curls . . ."

"What about walking? I gave you two feet but that doesn't mean your lips, your tongue, your hands or your head are busy . . . ."

So I pondered, can I do this? Can I pray and walk at the same time? WELL WHY NOT?

So I find myself walking 3 miles with my hands turned up, praying (yes out loud) to our Heavenly Father. Sometimes singing. And I have shouted out a couple of times :)

You may say this takes courage. Well I disagree, first you have to learn not to care what others think. Secondly, I'm talking to my FATHER! The one who CREATED ME! Never should I ever have doubt about conversations with Him regardless of location.

And for this I am so blessed. God shares His beautiful landscape with me. He knits together a patchwork of clouds among blankets of blue. He shares trickles of a flowing stream for me to hear. And while singing Rooftops quite loudly, He serves to fly a Flock of Geese in perfect formation overhead for my excited delight.

So if you see me walking down Sugarloaf Highway in seemingly deep conversation with myself, don't mind me, this is my worship :)

Thank you Father for your continued Grace and beauty!

Your Daughter

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