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He is in This Place

We have another day of Thanksgiving ahead of us and while we will all be thinking and sharing what we are thankful for, I am so very thankful that Our God IS with us!

In today's world, there is so much angst about the future of our freedoms, our families and our finances. We can become centered around our technology, our social media and our toys; at which time the world seems to be falling down around us. It is then when it becomes easy to get lost in the distractions which can lead us to ask:

"Is there a God and where is He?"

Last week, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the mountains with my husband and God gave me the most amazing poem while sitting on the waterside:

His Hand is in this Place Gold leaves glowing in The Fathers Fall perfection The wind wraps around to remind of His protection The waterfall brings promise of His refreshing grace Living in His presence His hand is in this place The trees stand tall to remind He will not falter His peace breathes calm in the ripples of the water The whispers of the breeze bring rest in His embrace Living in His presence His Hand is in this place A robin’s call to Heaven The release of scent from lavender The Lilies curve in pleasure At the touch of His Hand Shimmer on the water dancing with His Blessings Warmth from the sun small reflection of His Glory The leaves clap in joy as we give The Father praise Living in His presence His Hand is in this place Eve Harrell © 2013

As a Christian, we all yearn to hear the voice of God. To feel His Presence. And sometimes, while seeking something tangible, we miss that He is always there. He IS omnipresent!

The Psalmist shares in Psalm 46, that God IS our refuge and strength, an ever-PRESENT help in trouble (v1). God IS within her, she will not fall (v5). The Lord Almighty IS with us, the God of Jacob IS our fortress (v7). He says, Be still and know that I AM God (v10). The Lord Almighty IS with us (v11).

Throughout God's Word, we find over and over that He IS Alive, He IS omnipresent, He IS the Alpha and Omega: beginning and the end. So when we have moments of feeling rejected, left out, alone; we can always look up, breathe in the creation He gifted us with, close our eyes and be thankful that He IS always there . . .

Oh and if you were wondering if the leaves really clap? Well, yes, they did and they do . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Father, on this Thanksgiving and every day which comes after, we are so very thankful that YOU are with us. We are so very thankful that You choose to walk with us and to share with us Your Beauty and pour into us Your Grace. And while we may not always hear Your voice, we can rest assured that You are always with us, through every challenge, every moment of sadness or grief and every moment of joy. May we always see You in this place.

We Love You,

Your Amazed Daughter

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