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Fear or Faith

Today my heart goes out to those who lost beloved family members on flight MH17. So many questions including why? who? How can this happen? In our society today, it is so easy to be met with chaos, tragedy or even an unknown which is unexpected and find ourselves paralyzed. This is the enemy's plan, distract us from the life to the full that our Father has for us so we lose our focus.

So, we have to make a decision, do we allow the affairs of the world to define our reaction to them? Or do we push forward in Faith that God's Promises are real and are being fulfilled?

I choose Faith . . .

Fear or Faith

In a world of reaction

We are left with a question

Fear or Faith

In a world of rejection

Do we find protection in

Fear or Faith

In a world of distraction

We seem called to action


Is it

fear or Faith

Fear is a temptation

Which only gains traction

When we allow the illusion

Of his lure to take hold

You see

The battle for our minds is real

And while the enemy perseveres

There is a power which heals

Each Heart and mind made whole

History speaks of those who waited

For A King delivered from our Creator

A Promised Love fulfilled

From prophecy foretold

Jesus our Savior

Brought A healing Love Perfect in its Divine nature

John makes clear

That Perfect love casts out fear

True Love only sincere

From God to His Creation

And Faith

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for

and like the mustard seed Wells up like a spring

When we feel the Love in His redemption

So a choice

On the one hand fear a passive voice

On the other Faith which will rejoice

only one survives the confrontation

So at the end of the day

The choice you make will define your way

Will it be fear or Faith

Isaiah 41:10

Eve Harrell ©


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