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Praying for Miracles

God has once again rocked me.

I visit the National Institute of Health periodically to check status of my extra brain mass. I have 2 reportedly “rare” diseases Pituitary Adenoma and Paraganglioma. As time goes on, God blesses me with the opportunity to meet others who teach me so much about hope and miracles.

Last week was no exception . . .

So, it all started at the airport. To rent a car or not rent a car? My husband had approved of the purchase; and I certainly could use it, but for some reason I was haggling with myself about doing so. At the last minute I decided, no car, gonna jump on the shuttle.

God had a plan . . .

He began by introducing me to a beautiful woman in her young 50’s. She has suffered with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma for many years. Five times, she would endure reoccurrence after chemo. FIVE TIMES she would be brought to the brink of death and be revived again. Then she found this place and they performed a stem cell transplant on her. She tells the story excitedly, she explains of the miracle of a Loving Father providing her a sister who was an EXACT MATCH. She had two months to live, God decided she needed more, He has a plan . . .

Visiting the Children's Inn (which is an amazing place) I meet a young man who is a multi-cultural minister. With a guitar and a book the size of an encyclopedia, he is playing a concert for two beautiful young ladies who are singing along.

I then met a shy 12 year old from Bolivia, this is her first time coming. They have been here for the week and have no idea how long they will be here. She has 45 out of 46 chromosomes and she is just a wee bit taller than her 5 year old sister. She struggles with breathing and with growing in the mountain hills 3600 feet above sea level in Bolivia. Her loving mother just wants her to have a normal life so she comes here, praying for a miracle.

As I am eating breakfast, I meet a lovely woman who has been here since February. Her husband has MEN1, he has been here since February. She looks exhausted but faithfully gets up every morning to meet him in the hospital. They expect to be there until May. She has 2 boys who also have the gene. Father, please find a cure for this loving families sake. . . Such love in her eyes, may I also be that faithful.

Meet the twins, both young men scooting around in their wheelchairs. One of them, their moma calls him “Smiley”, I can see why. I asked Smiley if he and his brother like to wheelchair race. His answer? “Well, of course.”

A friend from high school introduces me to a beautiful young lady who just happens to be in the room next door. She is 23 and has Overgrowth Syndrome. Oh her sweet smile just made my heart melt. Such a sweet Spirit inside of her, she carries the Light of Jesus everywhere she goes. This is also her first time to NIH and we are praying they can help her with the overgrowing bone in her body.

There is one thing that each of these people have, HOPE. There is hope in the eyes of every mother, father, child. Even in the face of adversity. Can you imagine spending months in a hospital and not knowing what the outcome will be? Can you imagine having to change your habits to make sure that your 14 year old daughter doesn’t get sick after chemotherapy?

Jesus told us in Isaiah 40:29-31 that “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who HOPE in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.”

God’s miracles are not limited to making the lame to walk and the blind to see, His miracle may be in giving a young mother the strength to travel 3832 miles to find a cure for her daughter so she can breath and grow in a nation where medical technology is on the cutting edge. This is her miracle.

His miracle may be in giving a family from Uganda great joy to visit their brother who has been here for three years in search of a cure.

His miracle may be within a 14 year old girl who enjoys taking pictures with her sweet frog during every test, every treatment, to create loving awareness for others of the rare disease she faces every day all the while sharing her Light for all to see the Love in her heart.

His miracle may be within a mom who travels 2300 miles with her daughter every month for treatment.

His miracle may be within a young man who uses his free time to bring a ray of sunshine into another's life through song.

And His miracle may lie in the detours in which He leads us so we can meet people with amazing strength and hope in the face of great challenge.

Every day of our life, we will meet challenges, some great and some small. And we can be certain that we have a provider, a comforter who will meet us where we are.

What miracles are you praying for? Do you have Hope? Are you ready to soar on wings like eagles?

He is ready to take you there . . . and the miracle He has for you is so much greater than you could imagine.

Father, thank You for Your many blessings. Thank You Lord for the miracles, both great and small, which You serve to bless us everyday. Lord, please open our eyes to Your Providence and pour Your HOPE into our hearts.

Your amazed daughter


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