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Hello Sweet Friend

You do not know me but I often see you as you visit your husband. Yes my son and your husband are in the same prison.

I have the honor of seeing the beauty in the smile of your 2 young girls. And I am thankful to see you continue to visit him regularly.

Today you look checked out. You look tired. Are you like me? Is it hard to visit your loved one? Is it difficult to only have 4 hours with them? Does your heart find joy when you see him? Do you also fight tears when you walk away? Do you seek to encourage in light of his discouraged heart? Is it a challenge to raise 2 young girls on your own as you wait for your beloved to reach his TPM date?

My sweet friend please know I am praying for you today. I am praying for your beautiful daughters and for God's Grace to envelope you in His Big Bear Hug.

I know this is hard for you and for that I am so very sorry. I do not know how your loved one ended up where he is but please know that his sins have been forgiven. Yes he still has to face the consequence of his actions but I want you to know that Jesus died for him, for you and for your daughters.

Please know that the foot of the Cross is level for all of us and there is hope for all who come to him. Yes even for those behind fences and bars.

Dear friend, I see the sadness in your eyes and I pray that you too will experience the peace that our Father has for you. I pray that He will comfort you and your girls as you navigate this challenge.

Yes our loved ones are in prison but please know this is not a death sentence but an opportunity to find Hope in the arms of our Father. Whenever you feel discouraged, please look up and know that He is with you.

I pray that even if you never read this letter that you will feel the comfort of it's words.

Be strong beautiful...

Thank you for the joy of allowing me to watch your beautiful family interact.

I pray God's Blessings over you and your loved ones always....

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