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When All I Can Do is Pray

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Inspiration is a writer’s dream.

Look into the eyes of any Creative soul and you will see a yearning just beyond the gleam in their eye.

Tell me a story . . .

Can I take a picture . . .

I’ll write you a song . . .

Deep down inside each of us inspiration brings our heart to life and allows us to share in the creative energy that God has blessed.

What we sometimes fail to tell you; however, is that even in our own life, inspiration through a storm is key to a fresh page.

Do we only see the inspiration after we have weathered the storm? HMMMM . . .

Within the beauty of our own story, the breeze found in the wake of the storm leads us to witness the beautiful rainbow left behind.

Sweet inspiration, what a beautiful palette she brings!

My calling this year is Peace. Every year I seek for God to give me a word, something that He wants me to work on within my heart. This year the word is peace.

What’s the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for you might just get it?” Asking for peace is a good thing, right? Well yes, but remember that the rainbow doesn’t come until AFTER the storm clears.

This means that this writer must weather the storm first to find her peace.

(Insert Deep breath here. . . .)

In every season of growth, God brings me through the storm with grace. Always teaching me just what I need to know to persevere through the squall as it passes by. Once upon a time I would have hidden in the bowels of the ship with my head between my legs. Or perhaps I would have run for cover thinking that I could beat the storm.

But this is the thing, the storm always comes back around. If I don’t learn to weather it the first time, then I won’t know what to do the 2nd, or the 3rd, or the 4th time she passes.

So what is God teaching me as I seek peace?

Seek Him in the storm.

As many times as I persevere through my muse of inspiration, I always come back to this same place. The temptation of fear is great in this one.

But my friend, I am encouraged, because fear does not write my ending, Jesus does!

In every storm, I find it easier to trust Him. No longer do I find myself cowardly hiding or running, but now I look for Him. A very wise Pastor once told me, “When you are in the storm, ask God to show you His location. He’s always with you, it’s only that you cannot see past your circumstance to recognize Him holding you fast.”

So in my storm, I look for Jesus. I ask Him, “Where are you in this?” It’s all I can do, pray that is. And guess what, the answer to my prayer always comes in a rainbow. Oh sure, sometimes I cannot see the fullness of the rainbow as I surrender control. But I know that in surrendering my burdens to Him, He will reveal her fullness in due time while giving me the strength to move forward.

The inspiration from the Glory that He shines through my storm becomes my greatest muse. As my story is being written, my Faith is being built. So I continue to pray, not because I am powerless but because He has given me power through prayer!

God is so good!

Are you going through a storm? Don’t hide, seek Him and allow Him to hold you fast. Please comment below, I would love to pray with you!

Father, thank You for Your little blessings. Thank You for not giving me more than I can handle, but just enough. Thank You God that all I can do is pray and trust You to hold me fast as the storm rages. Thank You that “All that I Can Do” becomes “All that I do.” You are my Hiding Place God, my strong tower where I will dwell.

In Jesus’ Name


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