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Season of Change

The promise of fall is upon us. On this gorgeous Georgia day, I reminisce over the past season of life and all that God has done. Through the challenges and the joy He has served forever faithful. I am so grateful to be written into His story. In this season of LISTEN I am sensitive to His call. Just as Elijah learned to wait for the gentle whisper, I too am leaning in for the gentle whisper of my Father. It’s an intense wait. As God often does, He is calling me to a season of change. I am laying down leading student small groups for a season and will be coaching small group leaders. Letting go of what I love is hard, yet I know that He is writing an amazing story through this change. And so I am giving Him my small yes again for His bigger plan. I am so excited! But I feel the need to pause. My type A, process driven mind wants to create a lesson plan. But then I hear that gentle whisper encourage, “No Eve, you are here to listen, to pray, to encourage.” Ouch, so much for Coaching 101. God has laid on my heart a great desire to start a mentoring program for young women. But I still have so much to learn. God is teaching me that mentorship is not a process, but an organic opportunity for growth and discovery on behalf of the mentee. So, this year, I am listening to the Mentor of my heart as He encourages me to share His heart with those who are leading students. I remember when I first began leading students. I remember thinking surely they would smell my fear and call me unqualified. I remember the worry that I would mislead them or let them down. I remember the first student that I called by the wrong name. I remember feeling like a little fish in a big pond of experienced small group leaders who knew far more that I knew. It was scary and overwhelming. If you are new to small group leading, I get you. Oh, but when I let God take over and lead through me- that was when the beauty began! Hmm, and perhaps this is the real lesson for us all.

Perhaps it is in these seasons of change that we see God's faithfulness in a whole new light.

Perhaps through the lens of our small yes, we recognize God's big Hand move as He leads in us and THROUGH US! In Lead Small, Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas share the five big ideas every small group leader needs to know. At the end of the day, we must be prepared to let them go and move them out. Our goal is to help them develop an authentic faith focused on Jesus. It is this faith that will help them through this thing called life. Jesus knew how to do this. He picked twelve men whom He poured into and encouraged for three years. What did He do after? He let them go and moved them out. The result? Well, consider this, the church 2000+ years later began with just twelve. Wow ❤️ our small part in His story is building the church and growing us in the process! So, my prayer in this season of change is that I can listen well, lead small, encourage leaders to embrace the squiggle, remind them that they have been chosen for such a time as this, and help them see God moving in and through their group. God will do the rest. He is forever faithful. Will you join me in praying for the leaders of our high school ministry? May God do a great work in the hearts of our students and leaders this year! Father, I pray for wisdom, I pray that You will prepare our hearts for what You will do in the lives of Your children. Help us to listen for Your quiet whisper and be sensitive to Your call. I pray that You will fill our hearts with Your love and Your light. I pray for each leader that You will encourage her to step into Your call with grace. You have chosen her to carry Your light to this next generation. Help her to recognize that she is uniquely chosen to love her group in only a way that she can. I pray God that as You prepare us to serve students that You prepare us also to serve one another. Help us to love one another. I pray that You will create a band of sisters who will love, laugh and cry with, pray over and grow together as we serve to encourage the same over our students. Thank You Father for community. Thank You for the honor to serve together as Mighty Warriors for Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name AMEN

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