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Divine Appointments

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The Two Janes

I am not a proponent of coincidence. The closer I get to the Lord, the more I witness God in the midst of every circumstance. He is consistently connecting dots that we often miss.

I am at one of favorite places. As I flew out for the NIH yesterday, I found myself at the end of the terminal where I was able to ooh and awe over the planes taking off.

After what must've been 100 pictures, I chose to sit down. It wasn't ten minutes before a young woman and her friend sat down next to me. She was giggling over the 5 hour nap she was going to get on the flight. Her friend laughingly replied- um this flight is only an hour?!?

It was a break the ice kind of moment, allowing me to connect.

Interspersed in the convo was a sudden anxious moment for the man as he realized he didn't have his bag. Trying to figure out where it was, he decided to go back to their last gate to see if he left it on the plane.

After rushing out, Jane #1 began praying. You could see she was worried for her friend. And guess what? Something extraordinary happened after her prayer- the departure time of our flight changed immediately.

How many times do we miss a moment of divine intervention when we are faced with a frustrating wait?

Anywho, my new friend Jane was visibly nervous and so I placed my hand on her shoulder and told her, "It will be okay Intercessor, God has this."

Her response, "Intercessor?" (She didn't know the term.) "Yes," I told her, "You interceded for your friend and God will answer." And fifteen minutes later, He did. Her friend called her and said he found it and rushed back.

I encouraged her with, "See, you interceded and God provided- He hears your prayers, Intercessor." She beamed and proceeded to type the word in her phone for later. She said that God had asked her to give to the homeless and so she was going home to put together a plan immediately. I was in agreement with the decree.

To be an encourager you must be aware and ready to allow Holy Spirit to speak into the person in front of you.

Her friend returned and had a story of his own. Apparently, a woman, who was due to travel international in three hours, left her bag as well. The bag included a ticket so he was able to find the gate and take it to her.

PAUSE HERE- If you have EVER traveled Hartsfield you know the fun we have in navigating terminals. 🤪 I am certain he met his step goal for the day!

Connect the dots:

  • I sat in the right place at the right time.

  • A connection was made.

  • A flight was delayed.

  • The man found his bag.

  • A woman flying international received her bag as well.

  • A woman was encouraged into the calling God placed on her.

  • AND we reached our destination in time!


Jane #2 I had the privilege of meeting this morning.

I was 15 minutes early to my taxi appointment. At the appointed time the taxi was not there. So I called my coordinator and she said they were delayed by 25 minutes.

Something to note, schedules are very important here- especially when you have to fly out the same day.🤪

God we need you.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and the hotel attendant asked if I was waiting for a taxi, I replied yes and so she called to check on it for me. No taxi, BUT a shuttle was on the way in 6 minutes.

Well, there you go.

God provides!

I boarded the shuttle with 3 other people- enter Jane #2. She has never been to NIH and so I had a moment to share the lay of the land and encourage.

Convo naturally went to our reasons for being here which gave me the opportunity to share God's testimony of healing me and asked her reasons for being here.

Firstly, she was adamant that faith was keeping her strong (AMEN) and proceeded to share the facts of her circumstance according to science:

  • This is a reoccurrence after five years cancer free.

  • She is terminal per the diagnosis.

Well, I don't know what God is doing BUT He is a Healer!! So we prayed for God's intercession and healing. I proceeded to tell her about Jane #1. Again, no coincidence here, God is moving! She was in agreement.

Connect the dots:

  • My taxi was delayed.

  • A connection was made.

  • A shuttle was provided.

  • A woman was encouraged and prayed over.

  • Her faith was affirmed.

  • AND I made my first appointment on time!

WOW- Only God can orchestrate such divine appointments!!

May I encourage/challenge you to seek/find Him in the midst of your circumstance? He may have a divine appointment for you too! ❤️


Please join me in interceding for these two beautiful Janes!

El Shaddai You are sovereign and You are good! We lift up these two women today and claim Isaiah 55:10-13 over them. Lead Jane #1 into her calling and Jane #2 into her healing. You are our God and will provide for all of their needs according to the riches of Your glory in Christ Jesus! In Jesus' Name AMEN

Image Cred: The Bible App- Stefan Kunz

Names changed for privacy

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