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Story of a Seed

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Once upon a time a seed fell along the path. Having nowhere to grow it was quickly swooped up by a hungry bird.

Another seed found itself among rocks. Joyfully finding a patch of soil in which to grow the resulting plant would soon be discouraged when the sun arose and scorched it.

Another seed would be planted among thorns. Just like rocky seed it too found a patch of earth in which to grow but as it grew the thorns of life choked it out.

A fourth seed found itself in an exquisitely manicured garden. Soil everywhere that had been tilled and beautifully tended by the perfect hands of it's Gardener. Oh what a beautiful life it would live! Not only did this seed grow into a beautiful display but for years the fruit would multiply so that many could enjoy the beauty of the garden in which it grew.

Jesus told this parable to many who would not understand the depth behind His message. The truth within His message is that our heart is a garden. The success of planting the seed (God's Word) is determined by the condition of our heart.

And the truth is- even as believers the Word can fall upon varying conditions of the heart. A softened and willing heart will allow the Word to grow.

Jesus may You always find the garden of our hearts soft and willing for You to cultivate them into a beautiful garden where You want to retire.

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