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A Dog's Purpose

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered the purpose of a dog?

Hollywood and Youtube pull on our heartstrings as they represent the beautiful story of the love of a Dog for his human on screen.

Dogs are called “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason.

History shares stories of valiant dogs who stuck to the side of their human as they went into battle; while others loyally risked their lives to bring food home for their human family. Even today we read stories of brave dogs who serve alongside their human on the front line in war and police actions; while other stories speak to the loyalty of a dog to his little human as he saves a life. I wonder if, in the garden, God initially chose the dog to be Adam's partner initially? Perhaps the dog asked for family? (Just my many ponderings that I will ask God one day.)

Researchers from Japan have determined that the timeless bond between humans and dogs is due to a surge of Oxytocin-the hormone associated with trust and love that is considered responsible for maternal bonding.

Sounds so cold and clinical, but I think they are on to something.

When my sons were placed in my arms, I looked into their eyes and I saw something I will never forget: Pure – Unconditional - Love. I was looking into the heart of my Father who had placed this beautiful bundle in my arms. Science calls it maternal bonding. I call it Love.

Interestingly enough, I experienced this same Love when I looked into the eyes of my fur baby Max for the very first time.

If I may, I feel it necessary to be transparent here. I did not want dogs when my husband first asked me. He had been searching for months while attempting to soften me up to the idea of dogs. But with two sons who were in baseball, orchestra and band, the thought of adding another family member was a bit overwhelming for this mom.

In July, 2005 everything changed. Tony showed me the picture of a beautiful Basset Hound with big feet and floppy ears, and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. If there was ever a chance that "puppy love at first sight" existed, it was in that moment.

So, I relented.​​

Within a couple of weeks, Droolus Maximus was flown into Atlanta to meet his new family. Tony picked him up from the airport and drove him by my office so I could meet him. As he opened the door and allowed me a peek; I once again looked into the eyes of Love. Our fur baby was home with his forever family.

And this momma was smitten.​

​With ears that touched the ground and feet the size of an adult human hand-our sweet puppy made friends everywhere he went. Fifty-two pounds of cuteness that could stand almost as tall as a human but only 12" off the floor. Once the initial cuteness had broken through; the boom of his bark would always surprise his new friend. Everyone knew Max's bark, and quite often his bow. The thing that most people did not know was that Max was very close to human himself. He waited to eat, and he always ate slowly. If he had opposable thumbs I am certain he would have asked for a fork. Another fun fact about our fur baby was that he was a gentle(dog) that considered my modesty something to be respected. He was a protector and most loyal to his family.

The best thing about our beloved Basset was his love. He loved to snuggle, to hug, to kiss and when his momma was sick he wasn’t far away from her. In the last year of his life, he spent every night on her side of the bed (to his own peril a couple of times) in protection. Dinner time was the best as he refused to eat without his pre-dinner hug: Human crouched down as Max slowly walked in front of said human and sat down. Human would then wrap their arms around his broad chest at which time he would back into the hug and snuggle his snout into their neck.

I so wish I could have caught that on camera, but like every other man in my family Max did not like having his picture made.

So many wonderful memories:

Max tasting snowflakes,

Max chewing his beloved duck,

Max playing chase in the front yard with his human brothers,

Max tramping through the creek with his sidekick Belle (after they had escaped their humans btw),

Max running to meet anyone who came home,

Max bringing his beloved duck as a prize to those who arrived through the front door and

Max waiting patiently for the yummy chicken to fall from the sky.

A year ago we knew this day would come, Max was walking up the back stairs and lost complete function of his back legs. Shortly after, the vet gave us the news that Max had prostate cancer. We were living on borrowed time, but God was so good to give us another year with him. While slower, he miraculously healed to almost normal and seemingly in no pain (or so we hoped). Today; however we had to return our borrowed time to the Timekeeper as Max finally succumbed to GDV.

He will be missed.

Max was part of our family and having to say goodbye was heart-wrenching; but, as we all know this life is temporary. And my prayer is that we will see him again.

God gives us such a gift in our fur babies. What is their purpose? They teach us how to love, to love unconditionally. And just like our Heavenly Father, they loved us first.

So today, please do me a favor? Hug your fur babies tight. Look into their eyes and see the Love of your Father. Enjoy every moment you have left with them. They love you so very much.

And please, feel free to leave comments below about the love that your fur baby has for his human.

Max, thank you for the amazing dog that you were. Your heart filled our own with more love and joy than any human deserves in a lifetime. You were a very good dog and have earned your furry angel wings!

Father, thank You for the incredible blessing in Max, thank for continuing to show us unconditional Love through him and for giving us such wonderful memories. Thank You for answering our prayer that he would not suffer. We Love You. Please hug my fur baby for me in Heaven.

In Jesus’ Name


R.I.P. Droolus Maximus - May 2005 - May 19, 2017

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