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Heaven on Earth

Have you ever wondered about Heaven? I do, quite often in fact. I have visions of Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father: Jesus looking at His children lovingly. And yes, I have visions of singing among the angels as we give our God praise.

Heaven must be glorious!

I once had a student ask me my thoughts on the subject. She asked if we would sing for eternity. “But isn’t that boring, Ms. Eve?” she wondered.

I chuckled, “No, never boring to me, I could sing for eternity.” (Coming from someone who lost her singing voice.) But honestly, God gave us gifts of love, laughter, knowledge, fun, music, competitive energy, prayer, creative arts, and a strong work ethic. If God BLESSED us with each of these qualities, why would we think that Heaven wouldn’t contain all of these things and more?

What do we know about Heaven?

The Lord’s dwelling place – (Psalm 33:13)

God’s throne – (Revelation 4:6 paraphrased)

Where Christ is today – (Acts 1:11 paraphrased)

Where Christians go when they die (Philippians 1:23 paraphrased)

The Father’s House (John 14:2 paraphrased)

A better country (Hebrews 11:16 paraphrased)

Paradise (Luke 23:43 paraphrased)

God has shared with us small descriptions of His dwelling place, but there is so much He has yet to reveal.

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”- the things God has prepared for those who love HIM. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

As we wait, God gives us little glimpses of what Heaven might be like as we experience His Presence and His glory.

I have seen a glimpse of Heaven.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have no claim to seeing visions of light at the end of a tunnel or prisms of color and light that defy man’s eye. No, I have seen Heaven on earth.

Jesus told us to pray, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9-10)

Jesus gave us the opportunity to see Heaven on earth.

I believe that God blesses man with little glimpses of Heaven that serve as a deposit of what is to come.

  • We see it in the eyes of a newborn baby.

  • We see it within creation.

  • We see it as we worship Him.

  • We see it in the love that we share with another.

We can also witness Heaven within intercession. Intercession is described as, “A prayer to God on behalf of another.” As we intercede, we pray to God on behalf of another. In John 17:20, Jesus too interceded for the world as He prayed; “I pray for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in You.”

Jesus gave us a glimpse of Heaven in His prayer, and yes, it was glorious.

This past week I traveled to Southern Wesleyan University with over 400 amazing students for NTS 2017 summer camp. The students have an opportunity to worship, participate in team building, listen to relevant teaching, have fun and yes stand in the gap for one another in prayer.

I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of watching a middle school student worshipping; or the power of a high school student on his knees in complete surrender; or the glory shining in a room full of students going to battle for one another in prayer.

On Wednesday evening, we had a moment for response. Eleven students made a decision to accept Christ, and many more found freedom as chains were broken, oppression lifted and hearts revived. Looking around the room, I saw HUNDREDS of students praying, if not for themselves then for another. I witnessed God’s grace, and all I had left was a heart full of thankfulness. I saw our future. I saw revival. I witnessed God bringing Heaven to earth in the hearts of the next generation.

It was glorious- HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Will you join me in praying for our young prayer warriors? Pray for courage and boldness. Pray for God’s protection and provision over them. Pray that they will continue to lift up their requests and that God will hear them, heal their land and grant them the peace that transcends all understanding.

Father, thank You for the little visions of grace You give me. Thank You for allowing me to see Your hand in the hearts and prayers of these young prayer warriors. Lord, I pray for this next generation that You will grant them grace. I pray for favor over them, that You will hear their prayers and heal their land. I pray God that Your faithfulness will continue through all generations to come, just as You have promised. Thank You for all You will do in this next generation. May they always see the work of Your Hand and Your Heart.

In Jesus’ Name


I am always taking pictures of moments in time to remember God's blessings. But this time, God asked me to put the camera down and enjoy the moment. So I have included copies of other pics taken during the week for your enjoyment. God Bless!

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