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Story of a Bloom

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

She started as a seed deep in the ground.

Only her Creator knew that she existed, but oh the work He was doing to prepare her for spring reveal!

As she made her way into the Light, she found herself expectant and perhaps a little impatient while noticing all the mature buds surrounding her. “Just wait my sweet one.” Her Creator encouraged. “Your day will come.”

Then one day it happened, the Light that drew her near was illuminating the very depths of her soul. As she opened the bud of her heart she could feel His love raising her up and into His Presence.

Her spirit bloomed as she found nourishment in His Living Water.

"I have formed you for relationship," Her Creator encouraged. "I have created you to shine my Light as you share my love and show my heart. The bud of your heart has now matured into a bloom of beauty designed to bring great joy to those in your path.”

As she beholds the love of her Creator’s heart, His plan begins to unfold before her.

The great joy experienced as He crafted her fills every petal for all the world to see.

Oh the beauty of our Father’s heart. Every touch of His Hand brings joy to the eye of the beholder. You only have to open your heart to see.

What do you see?


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