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Hello Beautiful - See Yourself Through the Father's Eyes

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hello Beautiful!

I remember the first time I heard these words as my dear friend, Keller Kuhn, greeted me.

There is something about hearing another call you “beautiful” that makes you feel special.

After a conversation with a friend one day, I wrestled with this gentle press on my spirit:

You are beautiful, Eve.”


“Do you know how I see you?”

“Well, I guess I don’t, Lord.”

“Allow me to take you on a journey, daughter, to see your reflection in My eyes.”

Does confidence come naturally?

I believe that we are each born with unique characteristics and personality; full of energy, courage, and confidence. These are gifts breathed into us by our Creator. But then life happens, and we are challenged with barriers of persecution and failure- resulting in fear, worry, anxiety, and insecurity. Our confidence breaks down as we lose sight of our identity and purpose.

The enemy loves these moments in life, and he will do anything he can to tempt us into believing the lies generated through these barriers. So he distracts us from the love of our Father, and he allows us to hear words that penetrate deep into our soul. We begin to think that words such as: stupid, ugly, fat, skinny, anxious, worried, and afraid define who we truly are.

Have you heard these words, Beautiful?

It’s time to debunk each one. None of these words are true, and not a single one defines you.

What is true? Well, let’s begin with your Creator. The One who created the heavens and the earth breathed life into you from the very beginning. He knew you in your mother’s womb and created you with a purpose and plan. He knows every hair on your head. He knows your strengths and your weaknesses. And He knows every day of your life and the impact you will have on this earth. Yes you, Beautiful.

What else is true? The One who created you, gave His Word to guide you. The beautiful Love story in the Bible was written to lead you to Him as He draws near to you. Why? Because your Father loves you so much, and He desires to walk with you. He desires to give you the life to the full that He designed.

And guess what? In His Word, He gives you the answers to all of the insecure questions on your heart.

  • Am I beautiful?

  • Does anyone love me?

  • Who defines me?

  • What is my purpose?

  • How do I face my fear?

  • Can I escape self-hate?

  • Where can I find balance?

  • Can I change the world?

Yes, dear sister, He has answers to all of these and more. Today, Beautiful, I would like to share with you my journey for answers. Today, I would like to help you see yourself through The Father’s Eyes.

Will you go on this journey with me? Check out my new book, “Hello Beautiful” in the Amazon Store!

Father, thank You for drawing us near to You! We are in awe of who You are and how much you love us. Abba, I pray that each woman who reads Your inspired Word will begin to unravel the lies of insecurity and see themselves through Your eyes. Reveal to us Your great love as we step toward You. Thank You, God, that You hold each of us in Your righteous right hand. In Jesus’ Name AMEN

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